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Our Vision is to be a Bank of the first choice offering innovative financial services built on trust, integrity, and driven by a passion for excellence.

Customer responsibilities and obligations

  1. Customer must be truthful in all information provided to the Bank.
  2. Customer must carefully read all the documents provided by the Bank in case of obtaining any service or product. Customers must be aware of any fees, commissions, obligations or responsibilities resulting and shall have a copy of these documents before any financial or banking obligations are established.
  3. In case the customer does not understand any of the conditions or measures related to the service or the product, customer must submit inquiries to the bank's staff.
  4. Customers shall comply with the complaint submission procedures, including submission of unresolved grievance procedures to the Customer Protection Department of the Central Bank of UAE.
  5. Customers must be aware of all risks entailed with using a product or service offered by the Bank. They can do so by directing all risk-related inquiries to the bank staff, enabling customers to better avoid the consequences resulting from such risks.
  6. Customers shall select the most appropriate product/services that are suitable to their requirements and which satisfy their actual needs.
  7. Customers shall inform the Bank immediately upon knowledge of any unknown/unauthorized banking transactions.
  8. Customers shall be careful to keep all information related to their transactions with the Bank confidentially and shall not disclose such information to any third party to protect their funds.
  9. In case of any financial difficulties that hinder the customers from complying with the terms and conditions of the contract of any products and services in which they deal with, then they shall ask for advice & guidance from the Bank.
  10. Customers shall update their personal and banking information with the Bank whenever requested to do so or whenever there is a change made by customers.
  11. When corresponding with the Bank by either postal or electronic mail, customers are required to use the mail address registered with the bank to ensure confidentiality.
  12. Customers shall not sign any financial documents, blank pages or incomplete data contracts. They shall review these documents to be submitted to the Bank before signing thereof.
  13. Customers shall keep copies of the documents related to their dealings with the Bank in a safe and easily accessible place for future reference if required.
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