We at NBQ value the rights of persons with special needs / vulnerable customers.

The Rights of People with Special Needs / Vulnerable Groups

Our Vision is to be a Bank of first choice offering innovative financial services built on trust, integrity, and driven by a passion for excellence.

Rights of customers with special needs / vulnerable customers

  1. The right to receive services the same as for ordinary people. To provide all the services within the bounds of persons with special needs abilities and capacities. The right to be treated with respect and dignity by the bank. Ensuring Persons of determination / vulnerable consumer satisfaction.
  2. The right to fair and equal treatment, without discrimination
    • Treating consumers humanely, taking into account their condition and their needs.
    • Providing necessary information, and data.
  3. The Right to easy access to bank services. By providing necessary technical specialized tools in order to be used by the person with special needs.
  4. The right of expression and giving the opinion by using different methods such as sign language and any other methods of communication, and their right in requesting, receiving, and transmitting the information equally to others.
  5. The right to freedom of disclosure of details as well as intrusion into the account. The right to protect information from unauthorized access. Protection of Privacy & Confidential Information. Protection from Fraud.
  6. The right to be informed and to receive the necessary information to wisely choose between Products and services, as well as the right to be aware of their basic rights and responsibilities.
  7. The Right to be heard - Ensure to provide people of Determination / vulnerable consumers with full contact details/consumer grievance handling system are easily accessible.

For complaints, call 600565656, or send the complaint to customercare@nbq.ae. And the bank will respond within 10 working days.

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